We can arrange dyeing lessons for your personal case from beginners to professionals.

Lesson style

a half days course and 1day course.
You can choose Dipping dye course and/or Katazome(rice paste resist dyeing)course.

Lesson content

a silk or cotton textile for dipping-dyeing, for example a cotton Furoshiki or a silk stole
for the dipping-dyeing, you need a half day.

a ramie or silk textile for katazome-dyeing for example a table-liner or a wall tapestry
for the Katazome-dyeing, you need minimum 2 days, the best is 3days.

the wax-resisting-dyeing(Rouketsu) is for peple who has several days.

Lesson time

10:00-17:00 (Lunch time 1h)


We arrange the lesson days for your schedule from one day lesson to several days, or more!

Lesson fee

5000yen/a half day


Japanese, English or French


If you don't have car, we pick up you at Mikawa-Anjo Shinkansen station.
If you have a car, you come directly until our gallery or the above stations, and you follow our car.


homestay: We recommand to stay in our master's home or our neighbor's home. Please ask for details!!

hotel: you can take a room at a kind of city-busuiness hotel in Okazaki.
(6000yen to 7000yen/day with breakfast)


you need nothing to bring without textile (scarves etc.) you prefer. But you can also buy textile
(silk, rayon, linen, cotton) at our atelier, if you want.


Please don't hesitate to contact us, we will try to arrange schedule, lesson style, accomodation etc. for you !
Please contact to Akiko(Japanese, English, French)

Other option

We can arrange your travel in Okazaki and around. we can go to see Japanese traditional candle maker, Japanese traditional drum maker, Stone-makers, traditional stone sculpter, calligrapher, traditional seal-cutter, sake distillery, konnyaku(jelly-food) maker, arrow maker, Okazaki castle etc.

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