Dyeing with vegetable dyes and techniques
  It begins to know well the plant useing as dye.
 The dye, which does not pollute environment safe for the body, and the mordant agent for coloring and fixing are used.
 The techniques like tie-dyed fabric, bundling with strings and boards etc. are suitable for soaking dye, wax drawing and printing, etc. are carried out to dyeing at applying dye.
 Respectively, it is dyeing from ancient times.
 At "the Atelier of Natural dyeing SHIKARI", we fabric very deepness and beautiful coloring combinated these techniques.
 From Accessories, clothes, tapestries, folding screen, etc. are created using natural material.
Dipping dye

 It becomes solid color dyeing only by dipping cloth in natural dye.
Before it, It is created about a simple pattern at barring dye that like connecting with thread or a rope, sewing and contracting, or inserting with boards.
Applying dye

 It is attached to cloth by two board clips, and stretched by many bamboo sticks, the cloth will be pull from both sides.
It dyes with the 15cm brush.

A rhythm and training need to do it.
Wax drawing
 The quality of wax is adjusted, and pattern is drawn directly on cloth for barring dye.
And, it can be finished by the applying dye.
 A design is made from sketching, and it is cut on Japanese special paper. We put the heart all the distance to finish by the applying dye and put colors on.

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