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Color of Japan

The splendor which expresses things by the color was in the Japanese literature (the collection of 10,000 leaves, Kojiki, etc.) written to the time only with dyeing with vegetable dyes.

In order to regain the splendor and to live in coloring of Japan, we want to reproduce and tell the coloring which is from Japanese ancient times.
Starting point of color

Many of some colors are based on the color of a certain dyeing with vegetable dyes from ancient times now.

Artificial chemistry dye etc. made many colors on the basis of the color of dyeing with vegetable dyes.

It can be said that the starting point of all colors is in dyeing with vegetable dyes.

Coloring of Kusakizome

The color obtained from one plants is countless.

The coloring is dyed tone deep also deeply palely as if it also mixed what color.

Wayside plants are always very wonderful in why it is dyed such a beautiful color.

We want to express this wonder of Nature through dyeing with vegetable dyes.

Plants considering

It is impressed and surprised whenever it meets with coloring obtained from a vegetable life.

 I let using this coloring and the life of plants, and keep up it with wishes to cloth.

 There are certainly a thought into dyeing with vegetable dyes, which understands other than a color feels.

Dyeing in the world

Now, the countries which are performing dyeing with vegetable dyes in the world are very few.

The thing surely performed in every country is away forgotten with the technical innovation of dyeing.

 We want to have a new appreciation of the merit once again, and to reproduce the inheritance which the ancestor of each country has cultivated, now when it began to be cried for a natural life.

First dyeing

It is medicine the start of a color.

Because clothing is attached to the skin and the body and is protected it, it is the beginning of dyeing to have chosen the plant and the color, and to have dyed, which insects do not attach.

The old man has cultivated the wisdom in which the body can be protected by the plant, by daily experience.
Color of medical effectivenesse

Most ancient dye is the herbal medicines of natural medicine, and it is effective even if it takes.

There is nothing which dyed with poisonous plants.

No carrying into house the dangerous thing was the ironbound rule of life a long time ago.

Old dye is good on the body.

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